The DreamCourts mission is to create safe and attractive places in communities by creating artworks on outdoor basketball courts.
The fruition of large and monumental public artworks gives a positive impuls to communities in need of such. DreamCourts provides workshop opportunities for local kids to bring about a sense of ownership, not just of the artwork, but of the community as a whole. Together, we aim to turn outdoor public spaces into a beacon of positivity, safety and inspiration.

For more information, download the full DreamCourts brochure here.

“Good hoops are great, but an artwork would be next level!”

“I love when a court has good hoops with actual nets. Courts with clear lines en lots of grip are best. In the US you often see that the court is painted. If our court would have that, that would be awesome!”
Emmanuel (17)

“The artwork should reference basketball-culture”

“A good court should have the right dimensions, but an artwork would really make me want to go out of my way to play there. Preferably a painting that would reference basketball culture. A Kobe artwork maybe, or something like what they did in Greece with the Greek Freak”
Loek (18)

“Basketball gave me a second chance”

“When I was young I walked around on a broken foot for 5 years, The doctors didnt believe me. Through basketball I finally got surgery. Basketball is my second chance and that why I play every day. A court with lots of colors would make it perfect.”
Robin (22)

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